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Visit the Columbia County Ghost Towns of
Apiary, Oregon
The Apiary Cemetery
The Green Mountain Cemetery
The Woodbine Cemetery
The Hudson Cemetery
Mayger, Oregon
The Mayger Cannery
Quincy, Oregon

November 26, 2016

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These images were taken with my Nikon D7000 beater camera and my $2,000 used
35mm f/1.4 manual focus lens.

These towns can be easily found using a standard AAA roadmap.

The Apiary Cemetery is East of Apiary Road just off Fern Hill Road. The roads
and the turn off are well marked.

Apiary is an unincorporated community in Columbia County, Oregon, United States
that takes its name from a post office established by David M. Dorsey. The post
office operated from August 28, 1889 until March 24, 1924. It is reported that
Dorsey was a beekeeper, which provided the source of the name for the Post Office
and thus the community.

The community was served by Apiary School District #38, which operated a two-room
school providing education services for grades 1 through 8. When operational, it
operated in conjunction with the Rainier Union High School District which provided
education services for grades 9 through 12. (The high school district also included
a number of other grade school districts in the area: Delena, Hudson, Fern Hill,
Rainier, Goble, Shiloh Basin, and Neer City districts. In the 1960s, the districts
were consolidated into a single district, and the rural schools were closed over the
next 10 to 15 years.) The community and the school are located along the road now
known as Apiary Road near the headwaters of the North Fork of the Clatskanie River.
At this writing, the school building still exists but has been converted to a private
home. The community also includes a pioneer cemetery but has never contained a
community center such as a church, Grange hall, or even a fire station.

Currently, Apiary Road is a popular freight route for forest products moving from
the Northern Oregon Coast Range (particularly areas drained by the Nehalem River)
to markets in Longview, Washington. The Apiary Road interconnects the Nehalem
Highway north of Pittsburg signed as Oregon Route 47 with U.S. Route 30 west of
Rainier. However, the intersection with U.S. Route 30 is signed as Larson Road,
because Apiary Road technically ends at Old Rainier Road, a former route of U.S.
Route 30 just to the south of the present U.S. Route 30.

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